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Parking & Checking In


For all admissions and testing, you can sign in at the hospital's Information Desk electronically with your phone number. You will then be directed to wait in the lobby until your phone is called. All instructions are also available in Spanish.


Parking Garages

Main Campus

Public parking is available in several garages adjacent to East Tennessee Children's Hospital:

  • Parking Garage A (For patient visits to the Emergency Department and Outpatient Clinics
  • Parking Garage B (All Surgeries and Outpatient Clinics)
  • Parking Garage C (For all visits to Children’s Hospital, Koppel Plaza and Children’s Hospital Medical Office Building)

Remember to bring in the ticket from the parking garage. For outpatient services, families will be issued a one-day pass for free parking; for overnight stays, families will be issued one weekly pass for free parking. Weekly passes will be reissued for families of children hospitalized longer than one week.

An Admitting Clerk will take all necessary information and will direct the patient on where to go next, whether to a patient room or to another department for testing.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital Campus Map

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Parking Overview

For visits to Children's Hospital, Koppel Plaza and Children's Medical Office building, use the Children's Hospital Parking Garage on Clinch Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets.

  • Parking attendant: 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • $2.00 flat fee per day
  • Inpatients receive FREE parking. Admitting will issue weekly passes (one per family) upon admission. If your pass has expired, bring it to the Admitting office.
  • Outpatient testing patients receive one pass per family for free parking on the day of service. The pass is issued at Admitting.
  • Surgery patients also receive one pass per family. Their passes are issued in the Surgery department.
  • Ministers can receive a pass for free parking by stopping at the front desk in Admitting and signing in. Volunteers there will get your name and who you are there to see, issue a special Clergy badge, and give you the parking pass when you leave.
  • Parking for disabled or special needs is available.
  • Parking for high top vehicles is located in Parking Lot D behind the Koppel Plaza building on Clinch Avenue, as well as in Restricted Public Parking.

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