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Frequently Asked Questions

What is specialty pharmacy?

Outpatient PharmacyA specialty pharmacy dispenses specialty medications. Specialty medications are expensive drugs used to treat complex, chronic conditions. They often require special handling and/or administration, and may not be available at your local pharmacy. Sometimes these medications require special teaching and monitoring by a trained pharmacist. We focus on providing these medications while offering the knowledge, support, service and care needed to get the most out of your child’s specialty drug therapy.

How do I contact the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy?

Feel free to:

  • Call us at (865) 541-8706
  • Email us at: outpatientpharmacy@etch.com
  • Visit the Outpatient Pharmacy, located on the Second Floor of the South Tower.

When should I contact the Outpatient Pharmacy team?

  • When you have any questions or concerns about your child’s medication
  • When you suspect your child is having a reaction or allergy to their medication
  • When a change has occurred in your child’s medication use
  • When your child’s medication list has changed — if your child starts or stops medicines or if your child’s dose changes
  • When your address or telephone number has changed
  • When your insurance information or payment source has changed
  • When you need to reschedule or check the status of your delivery
  • When you suspect a dispensing or shipping error has occurred
  • When you have any questions or concerns about our specialty pharmacy service

How much will my medication cost?

Your out-of-pocket cost will vary based on your insurance plan. Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy staff will tell you the amount owed after processing your child’s prescription.

What if I can’t afford my medicine?

Our pharmacy team has knowledge of and access to many financial assistance programs. These include manufacturer discount coupons,
disease management foundations, and charities.If you are eligible, we will help enroll you in these programs.

Does the Outpatient Pharmacy have access to all specialty medications?

The Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy has access to many specialty medications. If we do not have access, we will transfer your child’s prescription to a pharmacy that does.

Will my insurance let the specialty pharmacy dispense the drug?

Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy staff will contact your insurance carrier to determine if he prescription can be filled at our pharmacy. If it cannot be filled at the Outpatient Pharmacy, the pharmacy staff will transfer the prescription to the appropriate pharmacy.

What should I do if my child has a bad reaction to the medication?

Call 911 or bring your child to the Children’s Hospital Emergency Department if the reaction is serious or life-threatening. Contact your child’s physician and pharmacy staff to report the reaction.