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Virtual Check-In System - Millennia

"Millennia" (formerly known as "Jellyfish") saves time and reduces unnecessary contact when bringing your child in for treatment.

Millennia is currently being utilized in the Emergency Department, Out Patient Surgery, Testing Center, and in our Rehab facilities. Radiology, Neurology, Pulmonary, Sedation, Echo, Nutrition and Telehealth visits are next in line and will be implemented soon.

PDF fileMillennia Terms of Service (English) (Spanish)

Here's How It Works

Contact-Free Check-In


  • The parent will receive a text message with date and time of appointment along with a phone number to the department if you have questions.
  • Click the link to fill our registration forms, upload or take a picture of insurance card and picture ID. If all forms are completed this will expedite your time in registration.
  • Reminder text will be sent out for you to confirm or cancel your appointment if needed.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital's new Millennia Virtual Check-In System saves time and limits exposure, while allowing you the freedom to enter your information in the system while you wait at home or in your car.

All About Millennia Virtual Check-In System

(NOTE: The Millennia Virtual Check-in System was formerly called the Jellyfish Check-in System.)

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