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Emergency Department Renovation Re-Routing Plan

New Plan Begins Monday, August 3, 2020

While we are renovating our Emergency Department, visitors may be rerouted around certain entrances, exits and elevators throughout our facility. It is our goal to avoid confusion when moving in and around our hospital, so we ask for your patience while we improve our treatment areas.


  • There will temporarily be NO connection from the ED Lobby to the Main Hospital
  • No Food Deliveries will be accepted at the ED Lobby. Deliveries need to be picked up by the ordering Family Member at the North or South Tower Entrance.
  • The C Elevators in the North Tower will be CLOSED for the duration of renovation. The A Elevators will be the primary Family/Visitor access throughout the North Tower.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital Campus MapDaylight Plan

  • Visitors, Patients and Deliveries attempting to access the Main Hospital will be directed to the North or South Tower Main Entrances.
  • The Emergency Room entrance is for Emergency Visitors ONLY (Open 24 Hours)
  • Signs will be visible with directions for patients and families to the appropriate entrances.
  • There will be no Visitor Screening Station in the ED.

After Hours Plan

  • All Visitors to the Inpatient Areas and Deliveries will be Directed into the South Tower Main Entrance
  • Elevator Programming will only allow exit at 5th Floor, so that Security is the 1st point of contact
  • 2nd and 3rd Floor Visitor Access will be via the A Elevators

Thank you for your patience during our renovation!

Kids can help with construction! Ok, not really.