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Andy's iPads

Technology helps our smallest patients to our oldest teenagers. With our iPad loaner program, children and teens have a distraction from being in the hospital, and it can give a sense of normalcy by being able to connect with friends and family.

The iPad program began in 2015 in honor of a Hematology/Oncology patient. With the help of Webb School of Knoxville, a program called Andy’s iPads was launched. Named after Andy Whitcomb, a Webb student who lost his battle with cancer, the school rallied to provide iPads for patient’s at Children’s Hospital. Andy found great joy and comfort from using an iPad to communicate with friends and play games.

kids with ipads

While receiving medical assistance at Children’s Hospital, patients can now use the “Andy’s iPad” program to check out an iPad for use during their hospital stay. Each patient floor has iPads that hospital staff members can use to help distract patients during procedures. Parents can also use the iPads to access the Internet to check email, research conditions, or perform other tasks.

Since the program began, there have been other uses for the iPads as well. The hospital’s language interpreters rely on the iPads to help communicate with non-English speaking families. The iPads are additionally put to work in several offices where lengthy tests are performed, to help occupy children and keep them less stressed about the procedure.

If you would like to get involved with this program, we are always accepting donations. If you have an iPad to donate, please contact our Volunteer Services Department at 865-541-8136.

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