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Shine Your Light With Eli (2018)

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I Am Eli's Mom

It’s a title I almost didn’t have. Eight years ago, I was seven months pregnant with my son – a little boy who doctors believed would not survive childbirth. I remember praying and asking God for answers.

God gave me Eli and a lot more. God gave us 40 diagnoses, 44 surgeries, 30 subspecialists and one awesome Children’s Hospital. They have saved Eli more times than I can count. They are more than just doctors and nurses, they are my family.

As Eli’s mom, I learned there is no rule book and no instruction manual for caring for kids like Eli. Eli takes a village, and Children’s Hospital is my village. It’s families like us who rely on Children’s Hospital to keep our kids alive.

Each day is a new adventure with my son. Each day is a new challenge. Each day with Eli is a blessing and not guaranteed. Eli will never be the star quarterback, nor will he ever be able to do things all the other kids do, but he is perfect and he is mine. I thank God everyday for giving him to me. Every time we are at Children’s Hospital and I see Eli laughing with his nurses and joking with complete strangers – I know he is right where he needs to be.

We have met so many families who are blessed by Children’s Hospital. As we enter this season of giving, I ask on behalf of Children’s Hospital to please consider supporting the folks who work tirelessly and humbly to make our kids’ and families’ lives better. All donations stay right here in East Tennessee and help kids in our communities..

Eli - One Year Later

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