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Shine Your Light 2019

For more than 80 years, East Tennessee Children's Hospital has touched the lives of millions of children in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and beyond. From chronic illnesses to routine exams, we treat every visit as an opportunity to shine our light.

Hospital visits can be stressful for children. Whether they've planned to be at our door or not, families often feel anxious when faced with illness. We've spent years practicing family-centered medicine - meaning we don't just treat the patient, we treat the whole family. Children heal faster when their parents and siblings are involved.


Jaxson is a remarkable little boy battling a rare genetic disorder. He first came to Children’s Hospital through our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and over the past four years, we have had the privilege to engage and treat Jaxson at every step in his journey.

From complex stomach surgeries in our OR to a bumped head that landed him in our ER, Jaxson has visited nearly every department at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. We have supported him at his most fragile, and we have watched him grow into a strong, energetic and happy little boy. When Jaxson comes to visit, his bright smile and bouncy personality shine throughout the hospital.

Shine Your Light 2019 With Jaxson

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In many ways, Jaxson is like every child we serve at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. For more than 80 years, Children’s Hospital has been the organization families trust to treat their chronic illnesses, mend their broken bones, run their routine lab tests – whatever it takes to ensure the children in our region live to their fullest potential.

Now is the time to shine your light for children just like Jaxson, so they can get the care they need close to home. Please consider making a donation to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

In the meantime, we invite you this season to once again shine your light on the families we serve and to let them know they aren’t alone.

Children are special, and they deserve specialized care. We could not provide our expert services without the support and generosity of donors in our community. We are asking you, our neighbors, to help us raise critical funds to support the programs and services that make an impact on our community and beyond.