Gingerbread Instructions | Fantasy of Trees

Gingerbread Instructions

Gingerbread Village


Please review the following guidelines for constructing your gingerbread house. All houses are sold strictly as non-edible confections; however, materials that could be considered hazardous (ex: glue) are not allowed.

Pro Tip

Be sure to leave a blank space approximately 2”x 3 ½” on the right front corner of the base, so exhibit coordinators can place a label identifying the creators.


All design themes are welcome. You are invited to be as creative as your imagination allows. If you need inspiration for your creation, you may pull ideas from this year's show theme, Sweet Christmas Memories. Guests will be transported to a fantasy wonderland of nostalgia through festive scenery and holiday cheer.


Gingerbread Village entries should be brought to the Knoxville Convention Center on Sunday, November 21st from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please bring your creation(s) to the Ballroom Avenue Drop-off area on the Cumberland Avenue side of the Convention Center. Lobby volunteers will have carts available to receive your item(s). Upon delivery, each donor will receive the following complimentary tickets for each gingerbread house donated:

  • Large house (24”x24”) – 6 show tickets per house
  • Medium house (18”x18”) – 4 show tickets per house
  • Small house (12”x12”) – 3 show tickets per house
  • Mini house (10”x10”) – 2 show tickets per house

Thank you for your hard work and enthusiastic commitment to making Fantasy of Trees a wonderful success! We look forward to seeing you soon.