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Guidelines & Additional Information for Gingerbread Village Entries

Gingerbread HouseThe deadline for all Gingerbread Village contracts is October 31st.

Sizes for Gingerbread Houses (Please note the changes this year to category and size)

Design and donate one or more gingerbread houses in the following categories:

Category Size Tickets Earned
Large 18” x 18” base 6
Medium 12” x 12” base 4
Small 10” x 10” base 2

Guidelines for Gingerbread Houses

  • Structures may be gingerbread houses, castles, trains, or other creative structures.
  • Creativity is encouraged to make your house(s) as fanciful as possible. Carry a theme from the house(s) to the landscaping around the house. Unusual application of food items is encouraged.
  • Gingerbread HouseFor the base, use 3/8” plywood and cut to your selected category size. Plywood can be found at your local hardware store.
    • Cover with heavy duty aluminum foil
    • Place a business card or piece of paper (size 2” x 3 ½ “) in the area on the right front corner. PLEASE leave this area undecorated.
  • House(s) must be a full structure, construct ed and secure on a firm base of 3/8” plywood. This will ensure stability of the house for transport. Construction of the house should be as secure as possible to ensure that the house will not fall apart.
  • Houses are to be made using non-perishable items such as gingerbread, cookies, crackers, pretzels, hard/soft candies, fondant, coconut flakes, etc
  • Glue should not be used as a material; royal icing is to be used to adhere/secure all items to make the house. (An egg-white recipe can be found online)
    • DO NOT USE craft/hot glue or tube frosting
  • The plywood base must be covered with heavy duty aluminum foil and fully decorated with icing and other food/candy appropriate to scenery around the house. Structure must cover at least 2/3 of the base. The remaining area can be decorated as part of the landscape design.
  • Houses are sold strictly as non-edible confections. However, hazardous materials are strictly forbidden.

Gingerbread Houses