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Children's Hospital License Plate

Step Up to the Plate

For more than 80 years, Children's Hospital has been providing premier pediatric health care to East Tennessee's infants, children and teens. You can be part of helping the tens of thousands of children served by the hospital each year by purchasing a colorful Children's Hospital specialty license plate.

The Children's Hospital license plate tells all of your friends and neighbors you support Children's Hospital and its mission to provide the best possible pediatric health care to the children of our region.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital specialized license plate

Purchase a Plate

The plate is only an additional $35 to your regular renewal fee and is available at County Clerk's offices in Tennessee. You can get a new license plate anytime. Your fee will be prorated if your tags have not expired.

Click here for a list of County Clerk offices and renewal information

Children's Hospital Development
P.O. Box 15010
Knoxville, TN 37901-5010
 (865) 541-8441