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Child Abuse Pediatrics

Child Abuse Pediatrics

Child abuse pediatricians work with other doctors and specialists to identify children with concerns of abuse or neglect. These concerns can be due to over or under performance of parental duties. The issues can range from failure to thrive to obesity, failure to protect from harm to causing physical harm and emotional neglect to emotional harm.

Child Abuse Pediatrics Treatment and Assistance

The variety of problems child abuse pediatricians address is wide. Each child is evaluated differently based on his circumstances. The specialists help coordinate care for any child who is referred to them from Knoxville and the surrounding counties.

Children who need the help of the child maltreatment team are usually referred to the Social Work Department at East Tennessee Children's Hospital by their primary care doctors. Social work will then contact the child abuse pediatricians for medical assistance. Our two child abuse doctors coordinate medical treatment with any specialties that need to be involved. There is no specialty that cannot be used to help a child in need.

Child abuse pediatrics is a difficult area for everyone involved. Our team uses community resources to improve care for all patients. These resources include the Department of Child Services, family lawyers, court-appointed special advocates and local child advocacy centers.

Child abuse pediatrics has been a board-certified specialty for five years. Children's Hospital has been coordinating the medical treatment of these children for more than 20 years.

For more information about child abuse pediatrics or how to get in touch with a specialist, call 865-541-8105.

Child Abuse Pediatrics Specialists

Learn about the Child Abuse Pediatrics specialists who are part of East Tennessee Children's Hospital: