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Visitation Information for Family and Friends

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours for the general public are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Visitors are limited to two per patient in patient rooms.  Siblings under age 14 can visit on Sunday from 1-2 p.m. and Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. Please check with the nurses' station before entering the patient's room.


Ministers may visit patients at any time except when treatment is being given or some other prohibitive circumstance prevails.


Only one parent and/or guardian may stay with a patient overnight unless special permission for a second parent/guardian to stay is granted by the Nurse Manager or Nursing Coordinator.

Patients are not permitted to leave their floor to visit other floors, the cafeteria or Gift Shop without written permission from the physician.

Child/Family Centered Facilities

Children’s Hospital focuses on family centered medical care. Families visiting Children's Hospital will find that all patient rooms have Internet access, a TV/DVD combo, a recliner and a sleeping couch. Each patient floor provides two play rooms and each floor as a family kitchen. The intensive care floor features a large family lounge with sleeping, kitchen and laundry facilities. On the second floor, an outdoor courtyard is accessible for patient families to enjoy.


Children's Hospital is a smoke-free environment. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is not allowed anywhere on hospital property.



Telephone Information

Gift Shop 541-8103
Guest Relations 541-8586
Information Desk 541-8109
Lost and Found 541-8724
Pastoral Care 541-8476
Social Work 541-8457
Switchboard Operator 541-8000
Volunteer Services 541-8136


To allow you and other patient families to rest, incoming telephone calls to your room will be limited to the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • To make a local call, dial 9 and then the number.
  • To make a long distance call, dial 9+0 and then your number to place a collect or credit card call.
  • Long distance calls may not be billed to your room.
  • When outside the hospital, you may dial direct to your child's room by dialing the prefix (865) 246-7 and then your child's room number.
  • Only the last four digits of any in-house exchange are required when calling from within the hospital. (example: 8109)



Public parking is available in the Children's Hospital Parking Garage (Clinch Ave. between 21st and 22nd Streets) for all visits to Children’s Hospital, Koppel Plaza and Children’s Hospital Medical Office Building. Visits to the Scott M. Niswonger Emergency Department and Outpatient Clinics (for those services, park in the Restricted Public Parking).


Flowers and Gifts

Flowers and other delivered gifts are welcome, but we ask that you not give patients rubber or plastic balloons because of the choking hazard they present and because of possible latex allergies.  Mylar balloons are fine.  Please be sure to give your child's full name and floor location to outside delivery personnel.