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Lobby renovations are complete!

After almost a year of renovations, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital unveiled a completely redesigned, expanded and refurbished main entrance and lobby on April 7—thanks to a generous donation from Regal Entertainment Group’s Regal Foundation and gifts from two other groups, the Children’s Hospital Volunteers and Knoxville Pediatric Associates.

Knoxville Pediatric Associates gave a generous donation during the last capital campaign that was designated for building and renovation. A $750,000 donation from the Regal Foundation made possible the creation of the Pre-Operative Holding Area in Surgery and the renovation of the hospital’s main lobby. As plans for the lobby project progressed, Children’s Hospital Volunteers contributed funds for various improvements, including a restful “waterwall” in the waiting area, artwork and signage in the lower main lobby.

During the last year, plans have been put in place to double the size of the main lobby waiting area and remodel the entry lobby. For the lobby and entry areas, design elements included colorful flooring and painting options, larger-than-life-size photos of children, a waterwall, movie screen capabilities and a new coffee shop.
Once the lobby project began in May 2010, several different phases of construction occurred. The former outdoor atrium was enclosed to expand seating for patients and families; two six-foot skylights were installed in that area along with a third over the existing seating area, ensuring the area remains full of light. Construction on the hospital’s main entrance area began in July. Photos of children and a glass display case filled with art now welcome patients, families and visitors entering the hospital, while vibrant paint and flooring colors create a cheerier atmosphere. A family restroom with a full-size changing table and a lactation room complete the extensive renovations.

Now that construction is complete, Children’s Hospital is better able to comfortably accommodate the growing number of patients seen on a daily basis.

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