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Sports Medicine

Medical Services for Young Athletes in East Tennessee

Many children and teens participate in school activities and it’s a great way to for them to get exercise and maintain a healthy routine when they get older. Sustaining an injury in a sports activity is common for young athletes, and as eager as they may be to get back on the field, it is important for them to fully recover so that they do not agitate the injury.

Pediatric sports medicine has helped countless young athletes get back on their feet. In sports medicine, treatment is targeted for quick recovery that strengthens the injured area. We give patients and parents the all clear when we are confident the child can resume their training without hurting themselves.

Injuries Without Accidents

Boys Playing Soccer

Athletes often sustain injuries even without suffering an accident. Some part of their training or work out method may be causing excess strain on their joints and muscles which wear out slowly and eventually cause aches and pains. Sports medicine pediatricians investigate all the possible causes of an injury. As medical professionals experienced in sports injuries, they know many of the activities and strains that can result in an injury.

The following are some examples of sports injuries that can occur without accidents:

  • Stress fractures
  • Asthma induced by exercise
  • Tendinitis
  • Diet and nutrition issues
  • Heat illness
  • Sprains
  • Wear and tear from overused joints

Our team can teach your child new exercises that will avoid putting stress on their injury. Ultimately, working with a sports medicine professional can help an athlete’s game long term as they learn new ways to strengthen their body and prevent unnecessary stress.

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