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Healthy Ways Clinic

Healthy Ways Clinic pile of berriesThe Healthy Ways Clinic team includes pediatric specialists in medicine, psychology, nutrition, physical therapy and nursing.

The program is created around and based on each individual case. It is also flexible for family and patient needs and differences.

We focus on helping families make healthier choices in their diets, physical activity and related behaviors.

Our Program

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  • Our program is a long term clinic to help your child as they grow.
  • At the first visit, your child will be evaluated by each team member in order to establish goals and an  individualized plan of care.
  • Afterwards, the frequency of visits with each team member will be based on your child and family’s needs and goals.


The Healthy Ways Clinic accepts children 2 to 18 years of age with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the 85th percentile for age and gender.


The referral form is available on the Healthy Ways website or by calling the clinic to request a copy faxed to your doctor’s office.

Healthy Ways Clinic