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Sedation Guidelines for Eating and Drinking

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On the day of your child’s scheduled test please follow these instructions for eating and drinking:

  • Your child can have solid food and milk products until 8 hours before sedation
  • If your child is 1 year old or younger, he/she can have formula until 6 hours before sedation
  • All children can have clear liquids until 2 hours before sedation
  • All patients are to have nothing to eat or drink for the final 2 hours before the sedation

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please call 865-541-8398

If your child is ill at the time of the scheduled test/procedure, we may need to reschedule for another day. Please call us to speak with a nurse if your child is not feeling well. These guidelines help to ensure the safest conditions for your child's sedation. If you have any questions, please call 865-541-8398.

Visiting Sedation

When you arrive for your sedation appointment, you may park in Garage C and check in at the North Entrance Admitting/Outpatient Registration area on the 1st Floor to be registered. Remember to bring in the ticket from the parking garage to receive a pass for free parking. Directions, a map, and additional parking information can be found at https://www.etch.com/your-visit/parking-check-in/.