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Plastic Surgery

Baby girl with her mom and dad

At East Tennessee Children's Hospital plastic surgery we believe that deformity and disability must always give way for hope and healing.

Whether due to birth defects or injury, we are committed to helping each of our patients. We offer the full range of pediatric plastic surgery including treatment of cleft lip/palate, craniosynostosis, plagiocephaly, hand deformities and any other plastic surgery needs. With advanced training in plastic surgery for children and nearly 3 years of experience on the mission field, our plastic surgeons have experience treating even the most challenging conditions.

At East Tennessee Children's Hospital, we believe in individualized patient care guided by current evidence-based practices. We also believe that treatment is not something that happens TO a patient but rather WITH a patient and seek to empower patients and their families to not only understand their care but to become active partners in it.

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What is Pediatric Plastic Surgery?

“ Hope and healing over disability and deformity”

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