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While your child is staying at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, their care will likely be coordinated by one of our experienced hospitalists. Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who specifically work in the hospital to care for patients. They take care of patients who have been referred to them by primary care doctors, the Emergency Department or other Children's Hospital specialists. As medical professionals familiar with all the medical services our hospital offers, it is their job to keep track of a patient’s condition and the various specialists who have been involved in their care.

Looking Out for Every Patient’s Well-being

Staying at the hospital can be scary for children. The hospitalist will be a friendly face that sticks with them for duration of their care. This means thy can always rely on their hospitalist to be there to answer questions and provide them assistance when they need it.

The hospitalist essentially serves as a stand-in for your regular physician while hospitalized. It is important that your child’s primary care provider stays up to date on their patient’s status, but very few physicians have the time to visit the hospital and personally check on the patient. Hospitalists will regularly contact the primary care provider to discuss the patient’s care and plan a course of action. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, the hospitalist gives the primary care provider a final update and instructions for any follow-up care, if necessary.

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