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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Treatment for Children & Teens With Behavioral Disorders

As any parent or caretaker knows, parenting is not an easy job. While stubbornness and defiance are normal in children, consistent uncooperative and hostile behavior that impact the child’s ability to function could be the result of a developmental behavioral disorder. If you are uncertain of how to help your child, don’t worry, this is NOT something that you have to figure out alone.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Developmental Behavioral Center specializes in the medical management of Developmental Behavioral issues including:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Disorder
  • In-utero drug exposure
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Problems like aggression, sleep difficulties, or eating problems often occur with developmental and behavioral issues as well. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in managing children with these conditions and others.

How we can help

Because East Tennessee Children’s Hospital supports the medical home module, children and adolescents are seen at our developmental center upon written request from their primary care physician. After a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, our team begins formulating a treatment plan that address the child’s specific needs. We may then make appropriate referrals for other therapies such as speech or occupational. Counseling is often also recommended. We may even recommend medication as a treatment. Medication management is the only ongoing treatment that is offered. If you do not know where to turn when you child has a developmental or behavioral issue, we will help you or find help for your child.

Forms and Documents

The following resources are available for our patients:

PDF File

New Patient Forms
Appointments with the Developmental-Behavioral Center are by referral from a child or adolescent's primary care physician. Doctors can download and fill out this form to refer patients to our Developmental-Behavioral Center.

PDF FilePatient Information Forms
Please fill out this patient information and questionnaire form prior to your visit. This information is used to schedule the most appropriate appointment and will guide you through the scheduling process and how to prepare for your appointment.

PDF FileMedical Records Release
Download one of these forms to authorize the release of your child's medical records.

PDF FileYour Child's Behavioral Health
This booklet explains how we identify conditions a child might be dealing with and how we can help. We would like this information to encourage you to do further research and give you hope that there is treatment available for your child.

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

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