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Dental Care

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has several pediatric dentists and a few general dentists on our medical staff. These providers assist the medical teams at Children’s Hospital by seeing patients come into the Emergency Department with permanent teeth that have been knocked out, facial trauma and facial cellulitis from an abscessed tooth. Our pediatric dentists also do consults on patients who are under the care of other medical services while admitted to the hospital.

Our pediatric dentists have specialized training beyond dental school which prepares them to see a wide range of children who may suffer from different diseases and syndromes. They can also assist members of the Cleft-Lip and Palate team as well. Our dentists have offices in many of the surrounding communities for ease of access to care.

Child at Dentist

Often our pediatric and general dentists treat children with extensive dental needs in the operating room. This allows young children and children with special health care needs to receive care in an atraumatic fashion. The dentists will take x-rays, do teeth cleanings, fix cavities, do baby root canals, places crowns, perform extractions and other minor oral surgeries while the children are under anesthesia.

Children’s Hospital supports the unified recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry ‘s (AAPD) that your children should have a dental exam no later than age one. Its is proven that early and routine dental exams help prevent decay and other dental problems. Please reach out to a pediatric dentist near you and locate a ‘dental home’ for your child.

Dental Emergencies

Most dental emergencies are best cared for in your dentist’s office. However, our dentists and doctors in the emergency room can assist in the following situations:

  • Permanent Front Tooth ‘Knocked out’
  • Fractured Jaws
  • Swollen Face due to abscess teeth.

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