Kid's Health Articles

Kid's Health Articles

Going to College

The first year of college is filled with new challenges and opportunities. Read our article to beef up on your college coping skills.

Your Child's Handwriting

Even with great PC skills, kids still need to learn how to write by hand. Learn how to encourage good penmanship and help your child become a better communicator.

Is It OK for Kids to Sleep After a Possible Concussion?

Find out what the experts have to say.

Lupus Special Needs Factsheet

What teachers should know about this disease and how to help students with lupus succeed in school.

Spina Bifida Special Needs Factsheet

What teachers should know about spina bifida, and how to help students with the birth defect do their best in school.


Measles is rare in the United States because most kids get the measles vaccine. But some teens can still get measles. Here are the basics about this very contagious disease.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Some people choose this type of kidney dialysis because it can be done at home, often overnight. But not everyone who has kidney failure can get peritoneal dialysis. Find out more in this article for teens.


Hemodialysis is the type of kidney dialysis that doctors use most to take over the kidneys' job of filtering the blood.

Childhood Stress

Being a kid doesn't always mean being carefree - even the youngest tots worry. Find out what stresses kids out and how to help them cope.

Frequently Asked Questions About Immunizations

Immunizations have protected millions of children from potentially deadly diseases. Learn about immunizations and find out exactly what they do - and what they don't.
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