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Lead a Project

MOC Process Lead Project

At any point in this process, the task force members are willing and available to answer any questions.

MOC Oversight Task Force

  • Jeanann Pardue, MD
    Chief Quality Officer
    ABP MOC Portfolio Manager
    (865) 541-8663

  • Taylor Oglesby
    Accreditation & Performance Analyst
    Accredited Education, Organizational Development & Learning

  • Tammy Van Dyk, MSN, RN, CPEN
    Quality Management & Patient Safety Director
    (865) 541-8623

  • Ameeta Lall, MD
    Continuing Medical Education Chairman

  • Kimberley Campbell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CHCP
    Accredited Education Manager
    (865) 541-8539

  • Vicki Marchman Collins, MSN, BSN, RN
    Accreditation & Staff Development Specialist
    (865) 541-8640

Project Application Process

  • Identify a QI opportunity.
    • The most meaningful projects address a gap, significant variation in practice, or an improvement effort based on new evidence or practice guidelines.
    • Each project should have a clear aim or objective you wish to achieve and a specific timeframe in which to achieve those goals.
    • For MOC credit, the minimum timeframe is 6 months and you must go through two cycles of improvement efforts.
    • It is not necessary for a project to show significant improvement, just clear interventions designed to help you achieve your goals.
    • NOTE: If project is an ongoing improvement effort, points will only be awarded yearly if a new PDSA cycle has begun with separate AIMs and interventions.

  • Review the ABP Small Group QI Project Application Checklist.

  • Complete the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Online Course: QI 102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement (You will need to provide the certificate of completion with your application. These only need to be completed once per applicant.)

Initial Project Application Submission

  • Submit your application. You may download the application questions to work offline.
    • Application fee is $50 per project, to be submitted with the initial application.
    • If you are submitting a completed project for awarding of points initially, you will need to provide your data and interventions with your initial submission.

You will be contacted within 1 week by the MOC Oversight Task Force with any follow up questions or information regarding next steps. NOTE: It is our goal through coaching and mentoring that 100% of the projects will meet ABP standards. Once accepted, the MOC Oversight Task Force will notify the ABP and your project will be posted to their website under the East Tennessee Children's Hospital portfolio.

Conduct the Project

  • Run your project as planned, incorporating any changes suggested by the task force.

  • Oversee physician participation.
  • Oversee MOC project
    • Lead team meetings and establish global and specific aims.
    • Lead design of intervention(s).
    • Evaluate the impact of intervention(s) to achieve aims.
    • Oversee data collection and analysis.

Completed Project Report and Awarding MOC Points

  • When the project has met the requirements for completion, submit project documentation including data, interventions, and physician attestation forms.

The MOC Oversight Task Force will review the project and if accepted as complete, project completion data will be submitted to the ABP for awarding of points. (Points will not be awarded until the East Tennessee Children's Hospital MOC Oversight Task Force has approved and submitted to the ABP.) You will be notified by Children's Hospital that the project was approved and points awarded.