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What is the FLETCH Club?

FLETCH stands for "Friends Love East Tennessee Children's Hospital" and is represented by an adorable 14" brown plush bear named FLETCH. FLETCH Club members are part of Children's Hospital's sustained giving program. East Tennessee Children's Hospital is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt institution. Without a tax exemption, Children's Hospital would be forced to pass along our increased expenses to our patients. As our number of patients grows each year, so does our need for more equipment and larger facilities to serve our community. Charitable donations are the lifeblood of our hospital, and FLETCH Club members are the driving force behind helping us heal kids. You can become a FLETCH Club member by pledging $18 per month for as long as you care to give.

About FLETCH Club

How does my donation help?

FLETCH Club members like you provide the consistent support of the community that Children's Hospital needs. Patients will benefit directly from your monthly donations in the form of new and improved technology, treatments and facilities.

Children's Hospital is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors like you in order to maintain the highest standard of care for kids in East Tennessee and beyond. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

With this small monthly donation, you will make a huge difference in providing family-centered care to children across our region.

For all questions regarding your FLETCH Club membership, including billing, deliveries, and donor information, please call 865-541-8441.

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FLETCH Club Member Benefits

For $18 each month, you will become a FLETCH club member and be given discounts from area retailers as a thank you for your continued support of Children's Hospital. The benefits of joining the FLETCH Club include...



With an initial donation of just $18 to Children's Hospital, you will receive a FLETCH bear of your own. Every year you are a FLETCH club member, you will be sent an accessory for your FLETCH bear to wear, like a hat or T-shirt.

FLETCH Coupons

Monthly Coupons

Every month, different local retailers will offer exclusive coupons and discounts to FLETCH Club members. Your $18 donation will more than pay for itself each month with the savings you receive. Check out our sponsors!

FLETCH Newsletter


At the beginning of each month, you will be emailed the exclusive FLETCH newsletter, containing that month's printable discount coupons, updates on the FLETCH program, donor news and patient stories.

Here are just some of the discounts FLETCH Club members have enjoyed so far:

Knoxville Ice Bears: Buy one ticket, get one FREE

Shoney's: FREE Hot Fudge Cake

Patient Stories

Get to know the patients at Children's Hospital that your FLETCH Club donations will be helping.

Jordan Henegar

Jordan Henegar

Since the moment Jordan Henegar was born, she's been full of life, smiling her way through every day with her trademark grin plastered across her face. She even serves as one of East Tennessee Children's Hospital's child ambassadors.

Read Jordan's Story
Brody Hamilton

Brody Hamilton

Nine-year-old Brody Hamilton had one thing on his mind while recovering from surgery to remove juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. "He wanted to be able to run again," his mother Sarah said.

Read Brody's Story
Stone Family

Stone Family

Triplets Barrett, Sutton, and Bailey Stone spent three weeks in the Children's Hospital NICU after being born premature. Their older sister, Decker, was born with down syndrome.

Read Their Story
Hardin Twins

Hardin Twins

Both McClain and her identical twin, Campbell, have an eye condition that prevents their eyes from focusing on the same point. But with consistent visits to Children's Hospital, they now have their sights set on big plans.

Read Their Story
Arian Redding

Arian Redding

Arian has osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, in her spine. A large cancerous mass in her back was identified in early 2015. She comes to Children's Hospital weekly for chemotherapy.

Read Arian's Story
Gabby Seay

Gabby Seay

Meet Gabby Seay, a young girl whose development was threatened by a rare condition called infantile spasms that started when she was just months old.

Watch Gabby's Video

Make a difference in the lives of East Tennessee kids with your charitable donation today.

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Sponsors and Participating Businesses

These are just some of the local retailers and organizations that are proud to support Children's Hospital and the FLETCH Club...

Kenjo Knoxville Ice Bears Baskin Robbins Panera Bread Shoney's

If your business would like to become a FLETCH Club sponsor, please call 865-541-8552.

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