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Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who specifically work in the hospital to care for patients. The Children's Pediatric Group at Children's Hospital has 15 pediatric hospitalists on staff. They take care of patients who have been referred to them by primary care doctors, the Emergency Department or other Children's Hospital specialists. They work on all floors and with all specialties.

When a primary care doctor's patient enters the hospital, he requests a pediatric hospitalist to look after his patient. This benefits both the doctor and your child. The doctor can focus on his practice outside of the hospital, and your child will have the full attention and care of a board-certified pediatric doctor. The pediatric hospitalists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are more available to address your child's needs in the hospital than your primary care doctor is.

When your child is admitted to the hospital, a hospitalist will meet you in the Emergency Department or shortly after you arrive in your room. He will then look at the information from the Emergency Department doctor and your primary care doctor to determine the best care for your child.

Your primary care doctor will work with the pediatric hospitalist to monitor your child's care. They will discuss his medical history and information relating to his current illness. Children's Hospital will notify your child's primary care doctor when your child is admitted. The primary care doctor is welcome to visit your child in the hospital to discuss care with the hospitalist at any time during his hospital stay. At discharge, your primary care doctor will be notified.

Your child will see a pediatric hospitalist every day he is in the hospital. The hospitalist will create your child's treatment plan and is available to you to answer questions. The same doctor will direct the care of your child during his entire hospital stay if scheduling allows.

Pediatric hospitalists work with other Children's Hospital specialists to coordinate your child's care. They make sure that your child's needs and current condition are addressed from admittance to discharge. They are always available to you during your time in the hospital.

You will not see your pediatric hospitalist after discharge. You will follow up with your primary care doctor and may contact your hospitalist if you have any questions about your care in the hospital.

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