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Hannah H. Nicaud, N.P.


Endocrinology, Pediatric
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Nursing School

Bachelor of Science, Nursing - University of Tennessee College of Nursing, Knoxville, TN
MSN - University of Tennessee - College of Nursing, Knoxville, TN

Professional Memberships

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Medical/Dental Staff


August 25, 2022
They are very professional.
July 22, 2022
I experience, you know, for my daughter which was really, really tremendous, you know, the care people at Children's Hospital as they're the best. I would recommend them, you know, to just fed anybody. I've been to hospitals all over. I've lived in all different places and so far East Tennessee Children's Hospital has been the best. Like I said, I do not have any problems with them. They were treated my daughter with kid gloves, and everything, and they listened to my concerns and my questions. And that's what I like about a doctor (INAUDIBLE) going to, you know, be upfront straight forward and very honest. I don't like people hiding things from me and being like, okay, yes, the I guess this and that. They did not do that.
July 15, 2022
Overall the employees were fantastic and very friendly!! Everyone explained everything very well to me and actually listened when I talked!
July 12, 2022
Hannah was so nice and good to my daughter yesterday. Very understanding and does a awesome job thank you Hannah
July 08, 2022
Hannah is great.
June 02, 2022
Hannah Nicaud was very pleasant and put my daughter at ease. I feel comfortable with the care received.
May 26, 2022
We saw four different people once we got back to the room. A nurse, our endocrinologist, a dietitian, and another nurse at the end. Each person that came in and asked the exact same questions. It was like the information was not input, and if it was, they weren't looking at it. Seemed very repetitive. All we needed to see was the nurse and the endocrinologist.
May 23, 2022
My child has special needs with sensory processing disorder and extreme anxiety and she was handled with kid gloves and did very well and the staff was extremely careful with her and I am grateful
May 11, 2022
Endocrinology clinic at ETCH is the only place I trust with my son they are by far the best..I recommend Hannah she is awesome..
April 27, 2022
The receptionists at the desk weren't friendly and rude When I clocked in on the iPad it didn't clock us in for our appointment
April 20, 2022
Dr. Hannah Nicaud is a great doctor! I would highly recommend her and her team,as they are all kind, patient and very knowledgeable.
April 18, 2022
Everyone in the office from the front desk, all the way to seeing the doctor and and exiting were very friendly and outgoing and personable and make my daughter feel very comfortable. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly and set our minds at ease and helped us understand everything that we needed to know. They were very informative. And so we left feeling really good about the visit.