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Employee Testimonials

In Their Own Words

Our employees speak in their own words about their experiences working at East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Tiffany: VALUE

Tiffany in the Business Office is glad that she is able to provide VALUE to the people she works with, as well as the patients and their families.

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Ashlyn: FUN

2-East nurse Ashtyn explains why FUN is the operative word when she is working at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. (She should know - she's also a former patient).

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East Tennessee Children's Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Ron Phillips talks about how much he appreciates his team's DEDICATION to their jobs and to the children in their care.

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East Tennessee Children's Hospital Emergency Department Nurse Kristin wants you to know that TEAMWORK is the key to our hospital being an effective treatment center for kids. 


East Tennessee Children's Hospital Surgical Tech C.J. discusses the EXPERT skill and care that patients and family members can expect at Children's Hospital.

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East Tennessee Children's Hospital ER Nurse Natasha explains why it's so important for staff to show COMPASSION and empathy when dealing with sick or injured children and their families.

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East Tennessee Children's Hospital X-ray Tech Amber talks about how she and the staff strive to provide a MEANINGFUL experience for their young patients.