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Professional Growth & Opportunities

Careers at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

In order to keep our medical services and expertise moving forward, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital encourages staff members to continue their professional growth through career development programs. Through these programs, employees learn new skills and get a chance to branch out into new career possibilities in their field. We currently operate two professional growth programs: Career Development and Success at Work.

Career Development

This is a personal service offered to employees pursuing their professional and educational goals. Participants meet with Workforce Development representatives to discuss their interests and learn more about what kind of training and education they will need to achieve their professional goals.

Working at ETCH is a great opportunity to explore career possibilities. We frequently hire from within when employees are qualified and show an interest in a new field. The workforce development team also helps staff update their resumes to target positions they are interested in.

Success at Work (SAW)

SAW is a six-moth program for entry level employees who want to continue their education and advance their professional development. IN the first half of the program, participants spend 2 and a half hours per week in a class at the Koppel Plaza computer training room. We encourage all of our entry level employees to take these courses and keep them on the clock during the session.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office training
  • Communication skills
  • Basic medical education
  • Medical terminology overview
  • Defining and planning professional goals

The second part of this program allows participants to choose between an educational program or a skill training program. In the educational course, employees receive assistance preparing for college courses. The skills program, on the other hand, is focused on obtaining technical skills and job training by working closely with a more experienced employee.

If you are interested in continuing your professional development, contact Susan Johnson at Sjohnson@etch.com