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Transition to Pediatrics

Hands-On Training for Nurses New to Pediatrics

Nurses new to pediatrics participate in a Transition to Pediatrics Nurse Fellowship program as part of their specialized orientation. The experienced acute care nurse with limited or no pediatric background is provided a unique opportunity to build upon his/her existing competencies. Through special training that addresses necessary skills and knowledge, the experienced acute care nurse will be able to safely provide care for the pediatric patient.

The Nurse Fellowship program is offered throughout the year. For more information regarding the Nurse Fellowship program, please contact Human Resources at (865) 541-8267.

Ideal candidates for the fellowship program are nurses that:

  • Want to transition from adult to pediatric nursing
  • Are transitioning from a pediatric office to a hospital setting
  • Are interested in working in pediatric care but have limited experience

In addition to the specialized orientation, the new nurse will work with an experienced preceptor to ensure a smooth transition to pediatric nursing. Nurses at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital are compensated for their qualifications and previous work experience, including both adult care and pediatric nursing experience.