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Professional Practice Model

Nursing Values at ETCH

The professional practice model provides our nurses with a point of reference as they provide care to patients and families. This model emphasizes communication and collaboration in order to offer the highest quality of care.

Focused on patients and families, the core tenants of the practice model signify:

  • Professional growth – I can better both myself and the care I deliver to patients
  • Shared decision making – I am a leader in collaboration across disciplines to improve patient care
  • Nursing core values – I use nursing core values to provide care: compassion, ownership, respect and excellence
  • Empowered to improve – I have autonomy and can improve quality in patient care
  • Exemplary practice – I provide care that exceeds my patient needs

Nursing Mission & Vision

Caring for children through exemplary practice and passionate care is the mission of the nursing staff at ETCH. Nurses in all hospital departments are committed to providing optimal care delivery. Our staff includes diversely experienced and knowledgeable professionals who work in a collaborative team environment to better meet the needs of all our patients.

In a hospital, situations and circumstances change by the hour, day, month, season and year. Our team strategizes care on a micro and macro level to address both the long and short-term needs of our patients. Through collaboration and a strong commitment to family-centered care, both new and experienced nurses gain something meaningful while working at ETCH.