- UT Students Donate Puzzle Art to Children's Hospital
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UT Students Spent 2,500 Hours Creating a Gift for Children's Hospital

Cody Thornburgh and Puzzle Art

Cody Thornburgh is an East Tennessee Children's Hospital volunteer on Monday nights and hopes to one day become a doctor. Thornburgh is also a resident assistant at the University of Tennessee, where he and his fellow dorm residents made something special for the hospital.

Thornburgh and the ninth floor of Morrill Hall's Honors Living and Learning Community assembled a 9,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a coral oceanic scene during the spring 2014 semester. The puzzle took 25 people a total of 2,500 hours to assemble and an entire gallon of glue to hold it together. The dorm residents then unanimously decided to donate the puzzle to Children's Hospital.

The 6-foot-long puzzle now hangs in the hallway leading from the Emergency Department into the hospital.

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