- Sixth Grader Donates Bows and Ballcaps to Patients
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Sixth Grader Donates Bows and Ballcaps to Patients

Bows and Ballcaps

Throughout 10-year-old Hannah Grubbs' life, friends and strangers alike have taken a special interest in helping her.

"People have always done nice things for me because they think I have cancer," she said. "I wanted to pass that giving on and do something for kids who actually do have cancer and are going through that."

To make this goal a reality, the rising sixth grader started Bows and Ballcaps, a charity that donates stylish headgear to pediatric patients dealing with hair loss like her. She began the charity in August 2013 and recently expanded from Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt to East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

"She just wants to let kids know that someone is thinking about them and that she knows what they're going through," Deanna Grubbs, Hannah's mom, said.

Hannah lost all of her hair to alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes baldness, before age 1. When a family friend in her hometown of Hendersonville started making soft bows for her to wear, Hannah decided to spread the idea to others. Through national exposure on the NBC Nightly News, her family has received ribbons from generous donors across the country and hats from the store Lids. The same family friend, a retired store owner, makes all of the bows for the charity.

Children's Hospital welcomes donations ranging from toys and books to toiletries and microwavable foods. Check out our guidelines for donations here.

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