- Safety Tips for the New School Year
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Safety Tips for the New School Year

Back to School Safety Tips

Heading back to school is a chance for your child to see his friends, learn new skills and get involved in new activities. It also means getting to and from school on the bus, walking or driving. While you can't stay by your child's side at all times, there are some simple steps you can take to make his trip to and from school as safe as possible.

  1. Plan a walking route. Before school starts, work with your child to choose the most direct way to school with the fewest crossings. If possible, find a friend or sibling with whom he can walk to school. Walk the route with them until you are sure they can complete it safely alone.

  2. Teach your child to obey all traffic signals. Your child should know what signs mean, when to cross the street while walking and how the flow of traffic works.

  3. Remember the rules of the bus. Simple reminders to your child about staying in his seat while the bus is moving, waiting until the bus is at a full stop to exit and keeping his head and arms inside the bus while riding will make his ride to school safer.

  4. Be sure your child knows his home phone number. If your child is forgetful, write down your home phone number, address, work number and another emergency contact's number for him to keep in his backpack at all times. Teach him when it is appropriate to call 911 for emergencies.

  5. Monitor your teen driver. When driving the same route every day, teenagers may forget to stick to traffic rules and limit distractions like texting, eating and adjusting music on their way to and from school. Set rules for your child and serve as a positive example by always wearing your seatbelt, never looking at your cell phone while driving and following all traffic laws.

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