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Safer CT Scans for Our Children

Toshiba Aquilion PRIME 80 CT Scanner

This summer, Children's Hospital began using a safer, more efficient machine for computed tomography (CT) scans that is the first of its kind in our region.

With the new Toshiba Aquilion PRIME 80 scanner, radiology staff at Children's Hospital can perform scans up to 20 percent faster. While some children will still need to be sedated during a CT scan, the faster technology means fewer children will experience sedation overall.

Additionally, the new CT scanner may reduce radiation exposure by up to 70 percent, which keeps our patients safer. The new scanner uses dose modulation software to determine lowest possible radiation dose while maintaining image quality. This software allows each scan to be tailored to each child.

"For our patients and their families, this groundbreaking technology means a quicker and safer trip to the hospital, with the same high-quality test results," said Barry Payne, radiology manager at Children's Hospital.

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