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Project SEARCH Hosted by Children's Hospital

Project SEARCH Hosted by East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Pediatric hospitals are important in treating-and even saving the lives of-children with disabilities. At East Tennessee Children's Hospital, we hope to make a difference in their lives even after they leave our care.

This year, for the first time, Children's Hospital is hosting Project SEARCH. Project SEARCH provides skills training and workplace internships for individuals with significant disabilities, particularly youth transitioning from high school to adult life. In some companies, participants have gone on to become full-time employees.

At Children's Hospital, the participants include seven adult women who were born with some kind of intellectual disability. They learn skills that allow them to work in multiple areas of the hospital-like stocking shelves and changing linens after patients leave. They also learn a variety of life skills that can be applied outside of work.

In this video, meet Carly, one of our Project SEARCH participants who works in the Emergency Department. She dances while she cleans, bringing smiles to the faces of her coworkers as well as the families and patients she encounters. She enjoys her work so much that she became CPR-certified, which allows her to assist with patient transports.

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