- Planning for a Healthier Future
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Planning for a Healthier Future

Healthy Choices for Kids

When children eat healthy food and get daily physical activity, they feel better and have a lower risk of obesity related health conditions. Research shows that parents and families have a big impact on shaping the behavior of children. Your involvement as a parent is key to fostering a healthy family environment. Being active as a family creates healthy practices for life and it’s a great way to model healthy behaviors for your children.

Here are some simple strategies to jump start your family to the path for a healthier future:

Get away from the screen!

  • Set limits on screen time, including cell phone, digital media and television.
  • Aim for 2 hours or less a day.

Get Active!

  • Aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.
  • Make family time, active time and just play!
  • Bundle up and go for a walk
  • Play hide and seek inside or have a scavenger hunt in the house
  • Dance inside to your favorite music

Make small, easy changes.

  • If your child typically watches 4 hours of screen time, cut it back to 3 hours.
  • If your family is mostly sedentary, become physically active in small chunks like begin with 20 minutes.

Reward your child with healthy, non-food incentives.

  • Smiles and hugs
  • Stickers and stamps
  • Earn points for special privileges
  • Have friends sleepover
  • Write an encouraging note

Creating healthy family habits around physical activity combined with eating right, can make it easier for everyone to maintain a healthy weight.

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