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Pediatric Expert Tips: Snow Safety

Snow Safety Tips

This snow day has been perfect for snow man building, sledding and snowball battles for kids all over the region. While you're out having fun, you have to know how to be safe to keep the fun from ending in a trip to the hospital. Sledding accidents are some of the most common and can be serious. In this video, Dr. Ryan Redman, ER physician at Children's Hospital, explains how to stay safe in the ice and snow.

Sledding Safety

  • Wear proper clothing; dress in layers, wear a hat and gloves
  • Never walk on water that looks frozen
  • Stay hydrated and take breaks
  • Adult Supervision is key - an adult should check sledding before a child is allowed to zip down hill
  • Steer clear of obstacles like cars, trees, houses
  • Make sure hills are not too steep or covered in ice
  • Look for obstacles like roots & rocks that could be covered in snow
  • Sit up when sledding; lying flat puts your body at greater risk for injuries if you lose control and flip out
  • Only use "kid power" for moving a sled. NEVER ride in a sled pulled by a car, tractor, animal, etc.

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