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Pediatric Expert Tips: School Anxiety

School Anxiety

As your child heads back to school, he may be a little nervous. Returning to a busy, sometimes hectic, school routine can carry a lot of stress for a child, just like starting a new job does for an adult. Jitters and anxiety can last longer than the first day back, too.

Watch this video of Jan Neece, Ph.D., a child psychologist at East Tennessee Children's Hospital, discussing how to help children deal with school-related anxiety.

Here are five tips for making the transition back to school easier.

  • Try not to be stressed out in front of your child.
  • Talk with your child about what's making him nervous.
  • Focus on the positive things about the new school year, like seeing friends again, making new friends and enjoying extracurricular activities.
  • Don't over schedule your child because a busy extracurricular schedule on top of increased academic demands can be stressful.
  • Let your child know what to expect, like explaining what the first school day will be like.

If you're concerned your child's worries or stress go beyond the normal back-to-school jitters, speak with your child's doctor, teacher or school counselor.

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