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Pediatric Expert Tips: ATV Safety

ATV Safety for Kids

ATV injuries to children are on the rise in the U.S., and Tennessee is among the top 10 states for ATV fatalities. East Tennessee Children's Hospital is a member of the Tennessee Coalition for ATV Safety, which helps raise awareness about ATV dangers for kids.

In this video, Julia Arana, M.D., discusses All Terrain Vehicle Safety for kids and the precautions that parents should take before letting their teenage children get behind the wheel:

East Tennessee Children's Hospital supports the AAP recommendation that children under 16 should not ride or drive an ATV. Safely operating an ATV requires driver to make quick decision, such as speeding up, showing down, or shifting weight in response to changes in the environment. Kids are unlikely to be able to respond appropriately.

If parents choose to let older children ride or drive ATVs, here are some safety precautions they should take:

  • Take a safety certification program to learn how to operate an ATV
  • Ride only ATVs that are right for your age and size according to CPSC recommendations
  • Always wear an approved helmet and eye protection
  • NEVER ride on paved surfaces or public roads; ATVs are not made to grip slick, paved roads

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