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Nursing Spotlight: Janice Mays

Janice Mays Though Janice Mays’ favorite movie is the 1993 hit “Cool Runnings,” she’s not an aspiring bobsledder. Instead, Mays is drawn to the message of the film. She explained, “They had a ‘We can do it!’ attitude.” 

Clearly, Mays has taken this sentiment to heart in her role as Care Coordinator for the inpatient floors at Children’s Hospital. “Generally,” she said, “I see my role as helping any way I can. To do so, she works with patients and their families on a global and individual level. On the larger scale, Mays identifies process gaps and facilitates improvements to these processes to decrease the length of patient stays. Additionally, she reviews patient populations by both diagnosis and triggering event to identify ways to improve. Mays’ role includes working with other departments to eliminate these barriers to effective care.

On an individual level, Mays assists patients and families with complex discharge needs. These responsibilities include obtaining authorization for ground and air ambulance transports and coordinating inpatient transfers.

During her nursing career, Mays has accumulated almost half of the alphabet in terms of credentials. She has an RN license, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Tennessee (BSN), a Masters of Art in Organizational Management (MAOM) and is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). In addition to these achievements, she is a connoisseur of one delicious dessert: ice cream. When asked her favorite flavors, Mays said, “I love them all! But Rocky Road or Butter Pecan top the list.”

By Cassidy Duckett

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