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No More Falls with Humpty Dumpty Helping

Humpty Dumpty

Though hospitals are a place to get better, accidents such as falls can -- and do -- happen. These unexpected incidences can increase the length of a stay and costs while adding new pain for the patient. To prevent falls, Children's Hospital has drawn inspiration from the clumsiest character of them all: Humpty Dumpty.

The Humpy Dumpty program was developed at Miami Children's Hospital as a fall prevention program. The Nursing Performance Improvement Council at Children's Hospital purchased the program from Miami this spring. It uses a simple scale to measure the fall risk for each patient; the score is Fall Prevention Signbased on many factors including diagnosis, environmental factors and medication usage. If the patient has a score of 12 or more, he or she is considered high risk and identified with a happy egg picture.

"The Humpty Dumpty picture will go everywhere with the patient in the hospital," staff nurse Ali Gonzalez, RN, explained. "It is important that all nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, volunteers and everyone knows what this symbol means."

The program also helps parents understand fall risk. Each parent is given tips for preventing falls both at the hospital and at home. If a child is designated as high risk, a Fall Alert System is put in place among parents and nurses to prevent any accidents.

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