- Children's Hosptial Wins Outstanding Employer for Nurses Award
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Children's Hospital Wins Outstanding Employer for Nurses Award

Outstanding Employer for Nurses Award Winner

East Tennessee Children's Hospital has been awarded the 2013 Tennessee Nurses Association's Outstanding Employer Award. This is the first time Children's Hospital has received the award from the association, a professional organization representing nurses throughout the state.

"This award is important because it recognizes our more than 500 nurses and the passion for pediatric nursing that they bring to work each day," said Laura Barnes, Vice President for Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer. "I am so proud of them and the excellent care they provide to our patients. The award also spotlights the hospital's support of nurses and nursing excellence."

The selection process for the award is specific and highlights many of Children's Hospital's strengths:

  • Encouraging nurses' representation on decision-making bodies and surrounding patient care.
  • Having policies and procedures that permit nurses to express their concerns regarding their
  • professional practice environment.
  • Supporting and contributing to nursing professional development.
  • Having leadership devoted to improving the quality of nursing.

"What makes this award so special is that our nurses nominated us for it," said Barnes.

In her nomination, Donna Wallace, B.S.N., R.N., C.P.N., praised Children's Hospital not only for the impact it makes in the professional lives of its employees, but also for the impact the hospital and its employees have on the community it serves.

"I see their investment not only in ensuring patient and family satisfaction, but in the satisfaction and professional growth of all their staff," said Wallace, whose child was previously treated at the hospital.

"Over the almost five years of my daughter's life, we utilized almost every discipline and service that the hospital offered," Wallace said. "The hospital staff even had a great influence on my decision to become a nurse, including a recommendation to nursing school by one of the nurse managers."

One of the supporting nominations came from Josh Picquet, B.S.N., R.N., C.P.N., a Nursing Staff Development Specialist who started at Children's Hospital as a volunteer in 2004.

"We have a tremendous positive impact on our community and surrounding region as a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center," said Picquet. "Everyone knows when they say they work at Children's Hospital, somebody will likely share a story of how we impacted their family. This gives me great strength to endure, as a nurse, even during the greatest of challenges."

Keith Goodwin, President and CEO, said it is an honor for the hospital to receive the award.

"We are so proud of this achievement," said Goodwin. "It affirms that we are on the right track in terms of creating an exceptional environment for both nurses and patients."

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