- Child vs. Vegetable: What Can You Do?
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Child vs. Vegetable: What Can You Do?

Eat Your Vegetables

Everyone agrees that eating vegetables every day can do wonders for your child's health and lifestyle. But how do you get your picky eater to dive into these healthy foods without putting up a fight? Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day, so here are some tips for making vegetables part of your child's routine.

Replace junk food with healthy snacks. By putting baby carrots in your child's lunchbox instead of chips or making healthy snack packs before hitting the road, you will be balancing his diet better, giving him more energy and teaching him to reach for veggies when he's hungry.

Include colorful foods. Children love brightly colored foods, which is the perfect way to introduce vegetables to their plates. Different vegetables give your child's meal pops of color and will keep them interested in trying something new.

Be patient. Your child will naturally be nervous to try new foods. Research shows that children try food 8 to 10 times before they like it. Introduce a new vegetable to him a few times in a few different dishes.

Set an example. The best way to teach your child to make healthy choices is to make healthy choices yourself. If vegetables and other healthy foods are part of your daily life, your child will follow your example. If they are rarely included in meals or if you speak about them negatively, he will do the same. Your attitude can make a huge difference in your child's relationship with food and being healthy.

During the summer months, farmers markets and grocery stores offer fresher vegetables that come right from the farms around us. Head to your local shop to pick up some healthy foods in honor of Eat Your Vegetables Day.

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