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Financial Performance

What has our financial profile become in 2020? How much do we retain earnings for reinvestment in new programs and services? How large is our endowment? What percentage of restricted versus unrestricted gifts exists? Do financial criteria dominate our service development decisions? How do we balance community need with financial criteria? Are we tracking direct and indirect benefits of all programs? Affiliates and partners? How much capital creation is accomplished through philanthropy versus debt? What percentage of total revenue comes from the state? What is our payer mix? What are our profit margins? Key financial ratios? What is the status of our physical infrastructure? Virtual infrastructure? Is it all on the Children's Hospital campus? How much of our infrastructure is distributed in satellite operations? How is it all linked? Do we have adequate facilities and equipment? Is our IS platform functioning such that we have valid digital clinical information at the point of service? Timely? High quality?