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The future will happen whether or not we act. Planning for it together, and bringing our collective wisdom, creativity and experience to the process will allow us to more proactively shape our future.

Our hospital has been a leader since it was founded. Our community, dedicated health care professionals and our staff are among the best anywhere. There is much of which we can be very proud!

Yet, a sobering economic picture has resulted in significant operational and financial challenges. As we look ahead, we must have sharp objectives and clear priorities. We cannot do everything, but we want to do everything we choose well.

Our plan will consider the thoughtful efforts of prior strategy development initiatives, Federal government, Tennessee legislature, strategic partners, and our ongoing program plans. They should be mutually supportive – even synergistic. The perspective of the planning process community wide – our families, programs, outreach partners, donors, community and other stakeholders. We are more than the sum of our parts; the refresh must reflect and respect the parts but create synergy among them.

We have designed a process to celebrate the diversity of ideas and capture the creative thinking of doctors, staff, students and the broader Children's Hospital community. Please use this site to assist in creating a picture of what Children's Hospital should look like in 2020 and then determine with us the steps necessary to get there.

This is a strategic refresh because we do not propose a blank slate but rather embrace who we are today, our recent planning efforts and our current strategic initiatives where they contribute to our vision of East Tennessee Children's Hospital in 2020.