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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Read these remarkable patient stories from kids, families and former patients helped firsthand by East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Clayton Ailshie

Clayton Ailshie

Clayton has been living with Juvenile Diabetes since the age of 5, but with help from the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital, he has been able to live an active, fun life.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Taylor Benson

Taylor Benson

Though he has leukeumia, Taylor actually likes to come to Children's Hospital. He enjoys the nurses, Child Life staff and doctors because they make him feel better. He also loves to tell jokes.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Bryan Cody

Bryan Cody

Bryan is battling sickle-cell disease but that hasn't stopped him from bouncing around like a ball of energy with a huge smile on his face.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Indianna Graves

Indianna Graves

In her own words: "I definitely want to go into the medical or mission field and work with children. My experience showed me that I want to help others in the future and make sure that they get the same care I did."

Children's Hospital Ambassador Jordan Henegar

Jordan Henegar

Since the moment Jordan was born, she's been full of life, smiling her way through every day with her trademark grin plastered across her face.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway

Sarah works with other patients and families to spread the word about their experience here and encourage others to become invested in the hospital's constant growth and improvement.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Anna Martin

Anna Martin

Anna was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. After two years of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and lots of love and support from her family and physicians, Anna is now cancer free.

Children's Hospital Ambassador Averi Ramsey

Averi Ramsey

Averi was diagnosed with leukemia at age 7 but even cancer couldn't keep her from playing hide and seek, cheerleading and driving her Barbie jeep around the farm.