Patient Safety and Quality Standards

Patient Safety and Quality Standards

East Tennessee Children's Hospital has some of the highest quality standards in the United States. The data below is a sampling of some of the most common types of potential safety issues associated with your child's stay at Children's Hospital and the steps we are taking to prevention infection. Click here to view the infographic as a PDF.

Patient Safety Infographic

Destination Zero: Putting Safety First

A music video produced by East Tennessee Children's Hospital emphasizes patient safety with a hip hop twist.

"We take patient safety seriously, and we've spent most of the year reinforcing our already strong safety culture through a training program called Destination Zero," said Jeanann Pardue, M.D., chief quality officer for Children's Hospital.

The video was originally intended as an internal reminder for staff about that program. It features lyrics addressing key safety behaviors and is set to the tune of Vanilla Ice's early 90s rap Ice Ice Baby.

"We wanted to deliver this serious message in a fun and energetic way," said Paul Parson, communications manager for the hospital. "We were so proud of the end result we decided to share it with the community. Not only does it stress our commitment to patient safety, but the video also showcases our caring staff and the type of environment that makes a pediatric hospital so special."

The rapper is Josh Picquet, R.N., a nurse educator at the hospital. The video also features both clinical and nonclinical staff, volunteers and former patients.