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It's About Children - July, 2020

Help Us Reach the Finish Line

Maddie, age 14 tackling Turner Syndrome and growth treatments

Maddie, age 14, tackling Turner Syndrome and growth treatments

Join the Virtual Butterfly Run and Help Us Finish Childhood Illness.

  • Help Maddie FINISH her growth treatments.
  • Help Bryan FINISH his next blood transfusion.
  • Help Audrey FINISH her twelfth year cancer-free.

Children’s Hospital has provided life-saving services to children in our region for more than 80 years. Every dollar from you ensures that we’ll continue our mission tomorrow and for years to come.

Register for the Butterfly Run, August 1 - 8. Sign up or donate at etch.com/butterflyrun.

Not a runner? Become a fundraiser.
Visit the race website to start your own fundraising page today. Every dollar raised helps get us to our finish line.

Your Dollars Can Change Lives

Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Every Monday morning, patients join Children’s Hospital music therapists in the second floor play room for fun, learning, and a chance to take their minds off their illness. Your dollars also help our therapist provide one-on-one music therapy for patients to assist with pain management, enhanced breastfeeding, and better sleep.

Art Therapy with Trinity

Art Therapy

When 16-year-old Trinity (pictured right) was battling bone cancer, she spent almost a year at Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. She took up painting to help distract her from the pain and to work through big emotions surrounding her diagnosis. Your dollars ensure children like Trinity have the supplies and support they need to keep battling their illness.



Did you know Children’s Hospital now offers acupunture as an alternative pain treatment? This donor-funded therapy provides children like Tegan (pictured right) a drug-free solution to their chronic pain. Regular appointments helped Tegan regain muscle control in her legs, and now the 9-year-old enjoys playing sports and dancing.

Help us continue these programs. Make a pledge at etch.com/giving or call (865) 541-8668.

Pain & Palliative Care Welcomes New Director and Reaches More Patients


Jessica Nicholson, M.D.

The Pain & Palliative Care program at Children’s Hospital provides healing therapies to children with life-limiting illnesses. Recently, the hospital announced it will expand the program to serve a broader range of patients with pain and mobility issues, including after surgery.

Newly-appointed Pain & Palliative Care Medical Director Jessica Nicholson, M.D., is incorporating her years of experience as a hospitalist to bring comprehensive care to more bedsides.

“As a hospitalist, I’ve always worked with medically complex patients,” says Dr. Nicholson. “I enjoy looking at the big picture of care while keeping in mind all of the details that go along with complex patients.”

Pain & Palliative Care is not covered by most insurance providers. Your donation can help ensure more patients have access to healing therapies like massage, music, acupuncture and others.

Eli Update

Eli, age 7, and his family leading the 2018 Butterfly Run 5K/10K

Eli, age 7, and his family leading the 2018 Butterfly Run 5K/10K

When we met Eli two years ago, the spina bifida superstar and his family had just led hundreds of runners in the annual Butterfly Run 5K in Knoxville. The Butterfly Run has raised more than $150,000 for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital since 2018. That money has helped Eli when he needed it most: as distraction and pain management during some critical surgeries at Children’s Hospital.

As a non-profit organization, Children’s Hospital relies on events like the Butterfly Run to fund patient-centered programs that help children heal faster and live happier lives.

Without this funding -- and help from generous donors like you -- East Tennessee Children’s Hospital would not be able to offer these life-changing services.

Donate today at etch.com/eli

Panda Express

Panda Restaurant Group Thank You
Thank you, Panda Restaurant Group!

Last year, Panda Restaurant Group helped raise $85,000 for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital by asking their customers to round up their change with each purchase. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all restaurants have seen a sharp decline in customer traffic, so Panda Express found a different way to support the hospital.

In June, they donated 200 meals to Children’s Hospital staff, along with 18,000 surgical masks and nearly 2,000 KN95 masks to help the frontline battle against COVID-19.

By partnering with Children’s Miracle Network, Panda Express supports children’s hospitals across the country to better address a child’s entire well-being (including their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs).

We are thankful for this valued partner going above and beyond for our organization.

Want to help make miracles happen? Visit etch.childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org to learn how.

As a Children’s Miracle Network hospital, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital benefits from the national network of businesses or partners dedicated to increasing funds and awareness for our facility. In 2019, CMN Hospitals raised $1,283,919 for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, and helped purchase a new Lifeline ambulance. For more creative ways to donate, visit one of our retail partners:
Walmart * Sam's Club * Costco * Ace Hardware * Great Clips * IHOP * Panda Express * Publix * Speedway * Dairy Queen

Donor Tips - Your Dollars Can Do More

Women of Bechtel
Women of Bechtel

When the Knoxville group Women of Bechtel decided to host a fundraiser for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, they wanted their money to make the biggest impact possible. They’ve shared their tips for making sure their dollars did more.

Pick your passion. With dozens of services lines and programs, Children’s Hospital has touched every corner of our community. The Women of Bechtel’s members have had personal experiences with infant jaundice, so they chose to fund a piece of equipment that treats this condition in our NICU.

Set your goal. Equipment needs remain the biggest cost for Children’s Hospital, and unlike programs or services, equipment is a one-time cost. The Women of Bechtel decided to fund a bili blanket and radiometer, which will help any child struggling with jaundice in our NICU.

Involve your network. If you host a fundraising event, consider peer-to-peer fundraising online or social media leading
up to the event. When the Women of Bechtel opened up their silent auction to their coworkers at Bechtel National, they were able to double their fundraising goal.

To find out how to implement these and other ideas that will help make the biggest impact possible at Children’s Hospital, contact Christina Harrill at (865) 541-8668.

Thompson & Associates

Thompson & Associates offers FREE estate planning to Children’s Hospital donors. Whether you need to create a new plan or review your current plan, this confidential program helps you spend as much time as you need evaluating your options when planning your will or estate. Watch a brief video to learn more:

Your Legacy Can Go Further

Beyond taking care of those you love, your will is a reflection of your life and what matters most to you. Please consider a gift in your estate plan to Children’s Hospital to create a brighter future for the children in our community.

Need advice? Let us help by calling (865) 541-8567.

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