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Published on September 12, 2022

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Maryville Pediatrics' new physician is ready to serve the community

Caroline Fu, MD

Caroline Fu, MD

A kind, bright new face will soon be moving about the corridors at Maryville Pediatrics and tending to patients’ needs. While new to the medical group, Dr. Caroline Fu is not a stranger to the area. She spent most of her childhood in East Tennessee, and now she’s coming home.

"I just wanted to be back in East Tennessee because that’s where I grew up, and the people are great," says Fu, who recently finished the Pediatric Residency Program at the Medical College of Georgia. "There are lots of things to do in East Tennessee, so I just wanted to be

While Fu could have chosen to start her career in several East Tennessee communities, she was drawn to Blount County because of its budding opportunities and attractive lifestyle. A welcoming community, fun events, great restaurants, gorgeous scenery and a slew of outdoor recreational options combine to make this area the perfect place to live.

As for Maryville Pediatrics, which is part of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Fu was impressed by its community involvement (through toy drives and other fundraisers), high-quality patient care and access to nearby subspecialties, such as cardiology, endocrinology and pulmonology.

"They have just about everything locally, so patients don’t have to drive three hours to go to Nashville or anything like that. They can just stay in their hometown for care," Fu says.

As she begins her career at Maryville Pediatrics, Fu is hoping to establish strong relationships with her patients and the community.

"I want my patients to just feel like they are being heard and that I truly and genuinely care about them, their well-being, their family and their whole situation," she says. "I just look forward to that continuity of care, just watching that child grow up and being able to walk on that journey with them."

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