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Published on December 23, 2020

Michelle Malone (RN-NICU)
Michelle Malone (RN-NICU)

November DAISY Award Winner

The November DAISY Award Winner is Michelle Malone (RN-NICU).

"It is rare that someone comes into your life that leaves an everlasting impact. It’s even rarer when it’s for the better. For me, that person has been Michelle Malone. Not only am I a first time mother, but my twin girls were born at 27 weeks. Michelle has been there since day one and has been my rock through this journey. This has been the hardest experience of my life. It has been exhausting both physically and emotionally. She has constantly comforted me and even helped me grow as a mother. She goes above and beyond to care for my girls. She is patient and kind.

She understands their needs. Because of her, they have grown into healthy babies. I know during this time the NICU is short handed and nurses are overworked, yet this never impacts Michelle's attitude. She is always happy to see my twins. She treats them like they are more than just patients. It is hard to choose a single instance that stands out, because every day working with her is remarkable; however one that always stays in my mind was our hardest day in the NICU. My daughter Henley has been struggling to catch her breath all day. Right as I was leaving for the day her vitals got alarmingly low. Michelle knew this was unlike her and immediately jumped into action.

My daughter was purple and Michelle took action necessary to help her breathe. Not only did she comfort Henley, but she also comforted me. This is not a job for her, but a calling. When I am away, I know that my girls are in the absolute best hands. I trust and respect her whole heartedly. We have encountered several extraordinary nurses during our stay at Children’s. All of them deserve recognition for their work; however I could not have made it through our stay without Michelle. I hope you will consider her for this award. She has impacted our lives for the better and I will miss her so much when we go home." Chelsea Clemons

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