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Published on March 30, 2020

East Tennessee Children's Hospital Celebrates Doctors Day 2020

Doctors Day 2020

Doctors have dedicated years of their lives to helping others live healthy lives. At Children's Hospital, our doctors are passionate and proud about pediatrics. 

In honor of Doctor's Day, we asked some of our physicians "What are you most proud of?" "What are you most passionate about?" and "Why did you choose pediatrics?" Here are some of their responses: 

Ryan Redman, MD

Dr. Ryan Redman

Chief of Staff / Director of Emergency Medicine

"I'm proud of this hospital and the way that we have been able to maintain such a strong base of sub-specialists in a community this size.  It makes my job as an emergency medicine provider much easier."

Nicole Case Eisenberg, MD

Dr. Nicole Eisenberg

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon 

"I proud being a part of the 8% of female Oral Surgeons in the United States, opening my own OMS practice. I'm also proud of my family and my running."

Preston Smith, MD

Dr. D. Preston Smith

Pediatric Urology

"I'm most proud of the outpatient focus for complex problems. I'm passionate about my practice and my family."

Jeanann Pardue, MD

Dr. Jeananne Pardue

Chief Quality Officer / Pediatric Hospitalist 

"I'm most proud of my family and this organization. I'm very passionate about evidence-based, high quality care and I love science and kids."

Jessica Nicholson, MD

Jessica Nicholson, MD

Pediatric Hospitalist

"I'm passionate about the outdoors, knitting, and wine tasting. I love pediatrics because I love working with kids! They keep me young."

Pryia Gyani, MD

Pryia Gyani, MD

Pediatric Hospitalist

"I'm passionate about travel, cultures, and other people. My joy is service. I love pediatrics because kids are honest and they get my jokes!"

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